Humanity at Work ยท Compassionate Humanists supporting charities worldwide


Tanya Smith – Former President, Atheist Alliance International


It's fantastic to see this proudly atheist and humanist organisation in Australia directly contribute to worthy causes around the world.

Eric Bogle – Songwriter, Serial house renovator and 2001 Humanist of the Year


In a world full of "ists", socialist, communist, rightist, leftist, fascist, feminist, anarchist, etc. etc., the only one that makes any sense at my stage of life is humanist.

Dr Leslie Cannold – Novelist, Ethicist and 2011 Humanist of the Year


An Australian organisation with the mandate of Beyond Belief is well overdue. People of faith have always been equally committed to helping the poor and sick, and making the world a better place. Now we can be confident that we are donating to organisations without any agenda other than helping the vulnerable on the ground.

Julian Burnside – Barrister, Human Rights and Refugee Advocate, Author and 2009 Humanist of the Year


This is a great idea, just what Australia needs right now.

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